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Delivery of copper elbow cold forming machine and tee cold forming machine


Delivery of copper elbow cold forming machine and  tee cold forming machine

YLT400A stainless , copper elbow cold forming machine and YSLT250 tee cold forming machine were designed by Mingheng company according to clients’ special requirement and fittings market trends.
The capacity of YLT400A is:
Diameter : 8’’ – 16’’ (Ø200 – Ø426)
Bending radius : 1.0D & 1.5D’
Max processing thickness : SCH80
Degree: 45°&90°

The capacity of YSLT250A stainless, copper tee cold forming machine is:
Diameter: 4’’- 10’’
Equal tee and reducer tee
Max processing thickness: SCH80

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