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Moulds and mandrels are the most important parts of elbow, tee, reducer and caps. They are precision casting parts and forging parts.

All the moulds and mandrels will be processed by CNC rough machining and precision machining. Two times heating treatment makes the hardness of moulds and mandrels up to HRC52-HRC56.

Precision machining and perfect hardness ensures the qualified rate of products and life span of the moulds andmandrels.



                                                                            Elbow Cold Forming Dies




                                                                            Elbow Cold Forming Dies

                                                                       Elbow Cold Forming Mandrels

                                                                                  Elbow Forming Dies

       Elbow Punching Die                                          Elbow Reforming Dies                             Stamping inner-lining Die

     Tee/Bulge Forming Dies                                         Floated Cutters                                 Hot Pushing Forming Machine


                                                                            Finished Elbow Cold Forming Die

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