shanghai mingheng pipe fittings machinery

We, shanghai mingheng pipe fittings machinery company, are always preparing to be the best of the best possible, we are doing it with not only saying it, we do it with action. Being the most innovative company in fitting machinery industry, with the best quality and service, dominating China market in an absolute leading position and on the way to conquer the world’s fitting machinery industries, we shanghai mingheng made it! Top fitting companies Huzhou Jiuli, military 725 research institute, Dalian shipbuilding, south korea TK group, Russia OMK group, Malaysia Pantech, USA, Germany, Canada, middle east, UAE and Africa etc more than 50 countries in the world are using our machinery producing the best quality fittings sold to every and each corner of the world.

In order to strengthen more about our comprehensive all around system, we challenged ourself all the time, now to be the high-tech enterprise is a new goal, after quite some time of preparation, improvement and completion, we now are proud to say we are not only the most assuring fitting machinery company that can provide the best quality product and service to you, we are also a company that tries so hard to be the better us all the time.