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Main Features:
1. YLT150B elbow cold forming machine is used to produce R=1.0D & R=1.5D elbows with size 2"-6", thickness from SCH10S to SCH120 of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel.
2. CE approved and ISO9001:2008 certificated
3. YLT150B hydraulic elbow forming machine adopt PLC control system with touch screen which is easy to operate.
4. The elbow making machine adopts proportional hydraulic control system, which is energy saving, low noise and stable performance.
5. Three working modes: Manual, Semi-Automatic and Auto
6. The special mould demoulding and locating device makes it easier and faster to adjust and change moulds and mandrels.
7. Penetration welding steel structure by stress relieving to ensure high rigidity and strength

8. Fitting will be formed in one cold forming process which means welding is no longer required.



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