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YMH Series Four-Column Hydraulic Pressing Machine
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YMH Series Four-Column Hydraulic Pressing Machine is designed and used for metal material tension, pipe bending, pipe fitting press forming, metal sheet stretching and pulling.

Main features are as follows:
1This series hydraulic pressing machine has three-beam and four-column steel structure with full penetration welding technology, which make the machine good appearance and work stably and accurately.
2.Advanced hydraulic system adopts variable capacity pump, providing high pressure resistance,high velocity, lower noise and energy saving.
3.Cartridge valve and proportional valve used in the hydraulic system makes the oil circuit more simple, reliable and stable, less malfunction and easy to maintain.
4.The hydraulic pressing machine adopts PLC control system and can be equipped with touch screen according to customers’requirement, which makes it easy and safe to operate, adjust and maintain.
5.CE approval and ISO certificate




The series of YMH Series Four-Column Hydraulic Pressing Machine

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