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YSLT80A/150A/300B hydraulic tee/bulge cold forming machines installed in Poland


     hydraulic tee/bulge cold forming machines installed in Poland

Mingheng machinery delivered YSLT80A/150B/300B hydraulic tee/bulge cold forming machine and YSDJ4008A/5016A tee/bulge beveling machines which had achieved CE approval and ISO certification to customer’s factory in Poland. The customer in Poland is our regular customer and has purchased various machines which is worth more than 2 million dollars. 

After the machines arrived at customer’s factory, Mingheng sent four engineers to Poland to make assembly. Our general manager and chief engineer went to Poland to talk with customer’s engineers about technology and business. They exchanged technical and production experience and learned from each other. Our engineer made assembly and taught customer’s workers how to operate and maintain the machines carefully. It is very good to improve production efficiency which will bring more economic benefit for the customer.

It is a successful and happy cooperation based on mutual trust and high quality production. Providing best quality and service is Mingheng



              Customer's Factory                               Assembly in Poland

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