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YWDJ-J Series Angular Elbow Double-End Beveling Machine
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YWDJ-J Series Angular Elbow Double-End Beveling Machine has the advantages of unique design, compact structure, good appearance and convenient operation system.
Main features are as follows:
1.It is ideal equipment for chamfering LR &SR of 90°, 60°, 45° and 30° elbows of size 1/2" to 48" at both ends simultaneously. One beveling power head is fixed and the other one is movable for adjusting the beveling angle.
2.The machines have high precise-locating device for elbows jigs in different angles, excellent hydraulic clamping device and individual hydraulic power unit. The application of sliding tables with functions of fast feeding, inching and fast retreat enables the safety during working.
3.There are three tips for each cutter in different angles,these tips serve for different range of work and can work at the same time to ensure effective cutting, fully satisfy the stable requirements of the guide track under the status of strong cutting and save working time and develop production efficiency.
4.The cutting speed is hydraulic stepless speed control and the processing stroke is adjustable in according to the size and thickness of different bending radius and angle of elbows, and the elbows processed by the machine are strictly complying with relevant elbow beveling standards.
5.The application of floating cutter for large size helps to solve the difficulties of rough roundness of hydro-forming elbows indifferent angles, which develop chamfering precision and decrease reject ratio.

6. There are three kinds of operation methods: Manual, Semi-auto and Automatic; easy operation system helps to save working time and develop production efficiency.

7.CE approval and ISO certificated



Main Technical Parameters of YWDJ-J Series Angular Elbow Double-End Beveling Machine

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