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YWDJ4008A Elbow Double Beveling Machines
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Main Features:

1.YWDJ4008A elbow double beveling machine is an ideal equipment for chamfering both LR & SR for 90°and 45°elbows of size 3'' to 8'' of carbon steel,stainless steel and alloy steel etc
2.CE approval and ISO certificated
3.High rigid welding steel framework and base to ensure high efficient and precise process
4.Adopt floating cutter with three tips in different angles to ensure efficient cutting
5.The sliding table has three moving mode: fast feeding, inching and fast retreat to ensure safety working

6.The cutting speed and processing stoke are adjustable according to the size and thickness of elbows

7.Adopt centralized PLC control system with three model: manual, semi-auto and automatic which is easy to operate

8. Energy saving, easy to change fixture and jigs







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